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NYC Zoning Map

Planning Commission Unveils Proposed Green Amendments to New York City Zoning Resolution

Energy Efficiency, Green Building, Green Building Law, Green Roofs, Legislation, New York City

Bad Breath(e): New Study Reflects Urgent Need to Green NYC’s Black Smoke

Green Building, Legal Issues, Legislation, New York City, The Bronx

Green Building Initiative Offering February Existing Buildings Webinar Series

Green Building, Green Globes, Legal Issues, Legislation, Most Recent, New Jersey

New Law in California Links Transportation Funding to Smart Growth*

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HL23 and 80 DeKalb Avenue Under Construction, New Jersey Green Building Legislation, & Greening the Marathon

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Redevelopers Beware – San Francisco’s Green Building Ordinance is LEED® on Acid*

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District Court Judge Grants Injunction Barring Enforcement of Albuquerque Green Building Code; Legislators “Unaware” of Preemptive Federal Statutes

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Connecticut Construction Industry: Clarify Purview of Proposed Green Building Legislation

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An Open Letter to USGBC Requesting Data on Certified Wood

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