488 Broadway

Originally designed by John P. Gaynor in 1857, 488 Broadway remains one of SoHo’s most distinguished and historic office buildings.

Conveniently located between 488-492 Broadway on the northeast corner of Broadway and Broome Street, this five-story, 60,000 square-foot commercial building is a leading example of innovations in turn-of-the-century construction techniques that are still used today in constructing modern-day skyscrapers.

Also known as the E.V. Haughwout Building, 488 Broadway was built in a Renaissance Revival style, and features cast-iron facings in an arcaded system with two orders of columns modeled after the Sansovino Library in Venice, Italy. 488 Broadway’s exterior was restored in 1995 under the supervision of Joseph Pell Lombardi, a renowned New York City architect and collector of houses.

Once at risk of being demolished to make way for modern developments, 488 Broadway was designated a New York City landmark on November 23,1965 and was later added to the National Register of Historic Places on August 28,1973.

488 Broadway, New York, New York  
New York City Landmark 
John P. Gaynor 
Year Built
Square Footage
60,000 square feet 
Housed the world’s first successful passenger elevator, which was installed on March 23, 1857, powered by a steam engine located in the basement.