1411 Broadway

Just steps away from Times Square, the 40–story 1411 Broadway offers 1.1 million square feet of renovated, Energy Star–rated Class A office space.

Perhaps no other office tower in Manhattan is more renowned for its hospitality to a specific industry than Swig Properties’ 1411 Broadway. Home to some of the fashion industry’s leading tenants – including The Jones Group New York, Kellwood, and Levi Strauss and Co. – the 1.1 million square-foot tower is also known as the World Apparel Center.

Designed by the renowned Irwin S. Chanin and built in 1970 by Benjamin Swig and Jack Weller, 1411 Broadway is conveniently located just to the south of Times Square between West 39th and 40th Streets in Midtown. The 40-story tower – which was renovated in 1999 – is also mere blocks away from Penn Station, the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and Grand Central Station – making it easily accessible for tenants no matter from where their workforces may be arriving.

1411 Broadway’s renovated lobby features both Broadway and Seventh Avenue entrances. Tenants enjoy 12-foot ceilings and stunning views of the far West Side and Hudson River from the tower’s upper floors. It boasts a 2003 Energy Star award with a score of 77.

1411 Broadway, New York, New York  
Times Square  
Energy Star 
Swig Properties 
Irwin S. Chanin  
Year Built
Square Footage
1.1 Million square feet 
Earned Energy Star in 2003 with score of 77