120 Wall Street

Standing at 399 feet, 120 Wall Street boasts a “wedding–cake” architecture that distinguishes it from the other skyscrapers that make up Manhattan’s unforgettable Downtown skyline.

120 Wall Street was completed in 1930 by architects Buchman & Kahn. With a full block on the world’s most famous financial boulevard, the 34-story, 609,000-square-foot building has water frontage along the East River yielding unobstructed river views. Standing at 399 feet, 120 Wall Street boasts a “wedding-cake” architectural style that sets it apart from other skyscrapers making up Manhattan’s unforgettable Downtown skyline.

In 1991, Silverstein Properties established New York City’s only Association Center that is home to over 30 not-for-profit organizations within the city limits.  These organizations – along with future tenants lucky enough to call 120 Wall Street home – experience real estate tax advantages unheard of in other areas of the city.

With an Energy Star score of 85, 120 Wall Street is in the top 15% of buildings similar to its size and space providing companies with cost-effective office space.  An uplifting renovation restored the building’s facade, entrance and lobby, enhancing its appeal and unique design. Located in the heart of the Financial District, tenants are surrounded by sophisticated hotels, restaurants and other amenities expected from one of the most affluent areas around.  An extensive public transportation network makes this area and all of downtown Manhattan the most accessible neighborhood in New York City.

120 Wall St, New York, New York  
Financial District 
Energy Star 
Silverstein Properties, Inc. 
Buchman & Kahn  
Year Built
Square Footage
609,000 square feet 
Earned Energy Star in 2011 with score of 85. 


  • Mass Transit Access
  • Renovated Lobby