100 Park Avenue

A landmark International Style building that was completed in 1949, 100 Park Avenue fits squarely within the "Mad Men" aesthetic of New York during its postwar boom years –– 100 Park Avenue, like the city it then inhabited, is both grand and plain large, graceful and classy and also perhaps a little show–offy.

Much of New York City’s history can be read through its skyscrapers, and 100 Park Avenue fits squarely within that tradition. 100 Park Avenue’s aesthetics look mellow compared to today’s glass curtain walls and twisting spires, but its facade of white brick, vertical stripes of glass and aluminum spandrels stands out as a clean, classical statement; the glass, stone and marble of 100 Park Avenue’s two-story lobby complete the effect. In short, 100 Park Avenue is a capital-B Building with 825,815 square feet of class-A office space.

The surprising part about 100 Park Avenue, though, is that despite its confident place in New York’s architectural history, it also boasts an array of building systems and amenities that place it squarely in the future. This capital-B Building is capital-G Green, and a 2007 renovation has made 100 Park Avenue into one of the more striking sustainable buildings in the Grand Central Station area. 100 Park Avenue’s renovation did more than refurbish the facade — although it did that, too.

The 18-month, $72 million revamp earned 100 Park Avenue the Building Owners and Managers Association Best Renovated Building of the Year Award, and left the structure with state of the art infrastructure ranging from an upgraded HVAC system and new elevator cabs to new low-e glass windows and revamped marble floors in the lobby. As part of the renovation, 100 Park Avenue applied for LEED Silver for Existing Buildings certification.

As always with 100 Park Avenue, form and function intertwined and complimented one another, and once again, 100 Park Avenue took a privileged place in the vertical historical map that is Midtown.

100 Park Ave, New York, New York  
Grand Central  
LEED–EB 2.0, Silver; Energy Star  
SL Green 
Kahn & Jacobs, renovation by Moed de Armas & Shannon 
Year Built
1949, renovated in 2007 
Square Footage
825,000 total square feet 
Earned Energy Star in 2011 with score of 81 


  • Low-E windows
  • New Elevator Cabs
  • Upgraded Building Systems