About gbNYC

about our company

gbNYC is more than just New York City’s green building brokerage. We are guided by the belief that building performance – whether stamped with a third-party label or not – translates into cost savings, improved productivity, and competitive marketing advantages that are crucial to every organization’s success. So, in addition to our core business offering real estate solutions for tenants and landlords, connecting them to available retail, office, and residential space in high performing buildings – be they LEED-certified, Energy Star-rated, “green,” or otherwise – we also provide innovative consulting and advisory solutions from a unique, green building perspective – delivering a real and robust bottom-line impact for our clients.

gbNYC also delivers a full range of LEED consulting services for all types of construction and renovation projects. We advise on available green building financial incentives, comment on proposed green building marketing strategies, and provide educational seminars and other presentations on the LEED process and professional accreditation, green building risk management, and the overall state of green real estate.

about our blog

Our re: gbNYC commercial real estate blog  delivers fresh content on the state of commercial real estate in the New York City metropolitan area from a green building perspective. But more broadly, we aim to comment on green building and sustainability within real estate generally, using local projects as a vehicle through which to discuss LEED, Green Globes, and the legal and business implications of the sustainable construction, legislation, and insurance initiatives that continue to grip our industry. We are active on Twitter at @gbNYC. You can subscribe to our feed via either RSS or email or contact us with any comments or suggestions about how we’re doing!

about our tenant-driven commercial real estate services 

What services does gbNYC provide?

gbNYC specializes in representing tenants – and their best interests – in the leasing of commercial office space in New York City. Searching for space and negotiating a commercial real estate transaction will undoubtedly take you much longer than you think. Without a tenant representative – or by relying on the landlord’s representative – your business may be leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

gbNYC will save you time by preparing property reports, scheduling and conducting property tours, submitting proposals, negotiating term sheets, negotiating and reviewing leases, and managing your tenant improvement and build out projects. Turning over the entire process to us – other than the decision-making – leaves you and your company free to do what you do best: managing your business.

gbNYC will save you money by negotiating the maximum concessions from the landlord on every deal. Coupled with gbNYC’s expertise in building performance, energy efficiency, and sustainability, working with us can give you a competitive advantage in the world’s most challenging real estate environment.

What are gbNYC’s fees?

Nothing! Once we successfully negotiate a deal to your standards, we are compensated by the landlord for bringing her a reliable tenant. Hiring a professional tenant representative firm means that you can expect a higher level of service, commitment, and accountability because the firm knows that it will be rewarded only after your needs are met. Treating the process like engaging any other professional – an accountant, physician, or attorney – will save you time and money and reduce risks. gbNYC has continuously reduced occupancy costs for its clients while protecting their interest at no additional cost!

Why aren’t individual listings presented in gbNYC’s database?

Anyone can find listings for commercial space– you don’t necessarily need a broker to do that for you, if that’s how you want to spend your time. But it’s hiring a broker with intimate knowledge of the New York City commercial real estate market and the leasing process that’s so critical. For that reason, our database presents what we believe to be the best office buildings in Manhattan for a broad range of our clientele. Once we take the playing field, we work aggressively with our clients to find available opportunities within those buildings – or other buildings, if they’re more suitable to our clients’ specifications – that are both on and off the market.

I’m interested in engaging gbNYC. How do I discuss my company’s needs with you?

We respond to every email inquiry to info@gbNYC.com within twenty-four hours. You can also contact us directly by telephone at 888.654.0840 or learn more about gbNYC, our team, and our process here on our website. Or you can fill out the contact form below.